Climate Change Isn't
Coming, It's Here

The Financial District and Seaport Climate Resilience Master Plan aims to build Lower Manhattan’s resilience to climate risks, including daily tides and coastal storms. We are developing a comprehensive plan to secure the future of the region.

Building Our Plan

How Are We Building Our Plan?

It will take all of us—City agencies, residents, workers, small businesses, technical experts, institutions, local and regional stakeholders—to create a long-term plan to adapt the Financial District and South Street Seaport neighborhoods.

In partnership with the communities of Lower Manhattan, we will be designing infrastructure that responds to the unique constraints and climate hazards the Financial District and Seaport neighborhoods face while creating implementation plans to ensure these designs come to life in the future.

Right now, the project team is working to identify the opportunities and constraints that will guide the type of flood protection infrastructure we can build in this area.

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What Neighborhood Conditions Must We Consider?

We need to construct a flood protection system that keeps water out during a storm or high tides. This can include a mix of features, such as permanent features integrated into the landscape or active measures that are deployed before a storm. However, there is limited space along the water’s edge in this area. To accommodate coastal protection while preserving and protecting the neighborhood’s current assets, we must consider going out into the water.
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How Do We Protect the Financial District and Seaport from Flooding?
We need to manage stormwater that may collect behind the flood defense. This is accomplished through large-scale drainage infrastructure, such as pumps and storage strategies. We also need to plan for rising sea levels that make it harder for stormwater to drain during heavy rainfall events.

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How Do We Plan for Drainage?​
The location and alignment of our flood protection system must ensure continued transportation connectivity within and through the area. The FDR Drive runs close along the water’s edge, limiting available space–a challenge we must contend with. Our system must also cross underground subway tunnels and we cannot allow flood waters to enter Lower Manhattan through the tunnels. The system also needs to protect and ensure continuous ferry service at the many maritime hubs in the area.
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How Do We Plan for Our Transportation Networks?​
This area has a complex web of underground infrastructure, including drainage pipes, subway tunnels, and electric, communications, water, and transmission lines. We must look at how this infrastructure may interact with a new flood protection system while protecting it from flooding to ensure continuity of service.

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How Do We Plan for Our Underground Infrastructure?​
The area is a historically significant waterfront and home to historic districts and assets that must be preserved and protected, wherever possible. ​

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How Do We Plan for Historical and Cultural Destinations?​
The project area currently provides public open space and continuous public access to and along the waterfront. We must maintain this open space as a valuable amenity for residents and visitors, and ensure continuity of access to the waterfront and water-based transportation.

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How Do We Plan for Our Waterfront Access and Open Space? ​
We’re conducting habitat and biological sampling–the largest such study of the East River ever undertaken–and working with Federal and NY State regulators to better understand which species live and migrate through the area and how we can support, and not harm, our regional ecosystems.

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How Do We Plan for Our Environment and Ecosystems? ​

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