Climate Change Isn't
Coming, It's Here

The Financial District and Seaport Climate Resilience Master Plan aims to build Lower Manhattan’s resilience to climate risks, including daily tides and coastal storms. We are developing a comprehensive plan to secure the future of the region.

Virtual Workshop: Ecology and Coastal Defense for the Climate Resilience Plan

On January 27th, MOCR and EDC convened a workshop on Ecology and Coastal Defense for the Climate Resilience Plan. This workshop fostered a conversation with project stakeholders and content experts about the relationship between coastal defense infrastructure and local ecology in the East River. We covered topics such as: our general approach to ecology and coastal defense, how we’re studying local ecology to learn more about existing conditions and habitats, and strategies for project design to minimize and mitigate any potential effects alongside opportunities to incorporate restoration. We answered questions from the participants, and heard directly about their priorities related to the environment for this area. The feedback collected will help shape the next phase of project work as we develop and refine our design options.

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