Climate Change Isn't
Coming, It's Here

The Financial District and Seaport Climate Resilience Master Plan aims to build Lower Manhattan’s resilience to climate risks, including daily tides and coastal storms. We are developing a comprehensive plan to secure the future of the region.

Virtual Open House

On February 25th 2021, we hosted an interactive Virtual Open House that brought together students, community leaders, residents, and workers from Lower Manhattan, with City agency representatives, urban planners, engineers, and designers, to talk about the climate risks that Lower Manhattan faces, some of our early project designs to mitigate those risks, and share feedback. The event was structured with three virtual rooms: an upfront presentation to learn more about the risks the FiDi Seaport area faces and preliminary design options, a workshop room where participants shared their perspectives on the district's open space, transportation, and community resources and their vision for the future, and a Q&A room where participants could speak directly with members of the project team about any questions or comments they had. We are using the feedback gathered at this event to inform the project design, and will continue to integrate feedback gathered from other events and opportunities.

See below for materials from the Open House, which includes a summary of the feedback that we heard, and the upfront presentation & recording. We've also embedded the feedback boards that were created during our workshop session - the key findings document summarizes these comments, but feel free to zoom in and click around to see the comments yourself!

Download Virtual Open House Documents

Project Overview Presentation
Feedback Summary
Project Overview Presentation Recordings
Workshop feedback boards

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